RSS Feed en 120 Machu Picchu: guide to Mosquitoes and Biting Insects What should Travelers going to Machu Picchu know about biting insects? Although Machu Picchu (8000 ft) is well above the 6500 foot altitude boundary for exposure to mosquitoes, it's still possible for a few of the little buggers to pop up and annoy you. But possibly more bothersome are the midges that can't be seen until it's too late. I have seen people in shorts with their legs covered in tiny bumps from these invisible, undetectable devils. Although they are not poisonous or vectors of disease, you don't want your most noteworthy memory of your amazing trip to be the itchy…

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 14:06:00 +0000 Jacqueline Whitt
Important Update: 2018 Inca Trail Permit Availability The Peruvian Ministry of Culture announced that Inca Trail permits for the 2018 hiking season will be released for sale beginning the week of October 2, 2017.  People planning to hike 4 day Inca Trail in May 2018 can reserve their hikes immediately.  And anyone considering the 4-Day Inca Trail hike anytime in the first half of 2018 should start nailing down dates. Permits will be released one month at a time, day by day, beginning the first week of October.

In previous years, permits went on sale in early January, although last year, they were released in mid-December 2016, for the 2017…

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Dreaming of A Trip to Machu Picchu? 6 Strategies to Make it Happen You want it. But that trip of a lifetime to Machu Picchu seems out of your grasp.  Are you overwhelmed by the obstacles?  Not enough time or money, and maybe you're out of shape.  The worries will be there no matter what. Here are 6 simple strategies to make your vacation to Machu Picchu happen. You can do this.  

1. Invite a friend. Or 8.  

Reach out to a friend or loved one and invite them to join your vacation to Machu Picchu.…

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Travel to Machu Picchu for the Ultimate Team-Building Trip Bring your employees to Peru for training, community service and rejuvenation. Not to mention a little side trip to Machu Picchu! We can't think of a better way to get their attention. Let Adios Adventure Travel US office help you coordinate flights, hotels, activities and all logistics.  We make all the arrangements with our local team of experienced, licensed, English-speaking guides, logistics managers, and drivers, to organize a trip that will restore enthusiam, energize your employees, and make your company objectives come alive.  

Improve your organization's…

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Best Honeymoon Hikes in Peru We compiled a list of the best honeymoon hikes in Peru.  From easy to hard, and short to long, there are many choices to fit every budget and ability.  The rainy season in Peru is from December through early April.  It doesn't mean you can't hike, but you should be prepared for all kinds of weather including sunny, cool, warm and rainy. 

All hikes are available year round except the 2-day and 4-day Inca Trail which is closed every Feburary.  


Tue, 01 Aug 2017 22:43:00 +0000 Jacqueline Whitt
Bolivia border visa: essential information for US Citizens I've crossed into Bolivia on 3 different occasions and through 3 different checkpoints.  And each time I crossed I was asked to provide different information.  What I learned is that there is no standard for crossing the border.  Procedures vary depending on where you enter and who is on duty at the time.  I have included list of all the essentials needed no matter where you cross.

  • Desaguadero - gritty border town on the edge of Peru.  From Puno, it takes about 2.5 hours by bus, which will stop and let everyone off to have their passports and documents stamped to exit Peru and…
Sun, 23 Jul 2017 19:26:00 +0000 Jacqueline Whitt
Peru 2017: Teacher Strike Update August 29 Update:  
At this time the teacher strike has tapered off and is not affecting travel to Machu Picchu. Since the new rules for half day entry tickets went in to effect on July 1, the biggest delays are the waiting line for shuttle buses from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu main entry.  Go to MACHU PICCHU HALF DAY ENTRY TICKETS for more information 

It's important to understand that labor strikes and protests are part of the political landscape in Peru. If a group…

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Adios Adventure Travel Women's Adventures: Machu Picchu and more If you're looking for a small group tour operator to organize your women-only trip to South America, please call our US office in Virginia.  Adios Adventure Travel was founded by me, Jacquie Whitt. I can answer your questions from the perspective of a woman. I have personally visited all the places listed on the Adios Adventure Travel website.  Your journey can include visits to high profile well-known destinations like Machu Picchu, combined with lesser known or obscure places for activities like a Pachamanca meal in a Qechua village.  I'm here to help you get as far off the beaten path as…

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Machu Picchu travel disruptions: what to expect Whether it's a local strike, bad weather, unexpected illness or other random misfortune, interruptions can occur on any trip to Machu Picchu at any time during the year.  

Due to the remote location, getting to Machu Picchu from Cusco requires a 2 hour transfer by car/bus through the Sacred Valley, 2 hour train ride to Aguas Calientes and 30 minute shuttle bus ride to the main entry. One way.  (Unless you want to hike 4 days on the Inca Trail)  Each leg of the journey includes…

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1-Day Guide Service to Machu Picchu Beginning July 1, 2017, new regulations state that all visitors to Machu Picchu must be accompanied by a licensed guide on their first time in Machu Picchu.  To re-enter without a guide, you need to know the name of your guide who conducted the tour.  

Click Here to go to information about new rules for half-day entry tickets to Machu Picchu

As of September 10, this regulation is not being enforced.  There are simply not enough guides available. Don't worry about hiring a guide.…

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